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Roster 4th Armored Division

37th Tank Battalion

Using the ground breaking Panzer Elite sim we represent the 4th Armored Division's 37th Tank Battalion one of of the most exceptional armored formations of the Second World War. The 4th re-enacts US tank operations ,  we strive to use our beloved Shermans ;) to crush those pesky Axis forces (all in good fun).

Roster and awards of the 4th Armored Division 37th Tank Battalion: (Ribbons signify active participation in chat, promotion and recruitment, merit and tourney battles, company competitions) criteria for awards: win a competition as an Allied Silver Star, Win as Axis Bronze Star, Purple Heart second place in a tourney, ETO Long term player, ACM recruiting new players to 4th. Other examples to follow.

H.Q. Company and Company A& B "Regular" Forces "IRON Wolves"

in no order of rank precedence

Company C & D "Reserve Forces"

 C Company

Company D


Training Depot: Current New Recruits

For further details on our ranking system and details of the unit please refer to the field manual here.

If by chance your name is missing from the roster or your info needs correcting please email the C.O or X.O as soon as possible so we may rectify this unfortunate oversight.

Information contained herein is confidential and may only be used by authorized personal. 

This page was created for online gaming. this is a non-political club. we mean no offence to those that served in the armed forces nor that of the 4th armored division. i would like to thank all that served in uniform during those turbulent times.