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US Armored Division: Generic Table of Equipment and Organization  Combat Units 1944-45 

Armored (Tank) Battalion (Total 3 Battalions per Division)

Bttn HQ: 3x Tanks, 1x M3 H/T, 4x Jeeps, 2 rifle sqds  

3 Armored Companies @ CHQ: 2x Tanks  

3 platoons @ 5x Tanks

1 Armored Company: CHQ: 2x MSA1 Stuart or M24 Chaffee

3 platoons @ 5x M5A1 or M24

1 Recce Platoon: 3 sectionsQ 2x Jeep/.50"

1 Mortar battery: 3x M21, 1x M3 H/T

1 Maintenance platoon: 3x M32B1 ARV, 3x wreckers, 3 Jeeps

1 Gun platoon: 3x M4A3/105mm or M8 HMC Stuart, 2x M3 H/T

Armored Infantry Battalion (Total 3 Battalions per Division)

Bttn HQ: 2x M3 H/T, 2x Rifle sqds, 2 bazooka, 2x Jeeps

3 Companies@ CHQ: 2x M3 H/T, 2x rifle sqds, 2 bazooka

3 platoons@ 3x M3 H/T, 3 rifle sqds, 2 BAR, 3 bazooka 1x M3 H/T, 1x 60mm mortar, 3 crew 1x M3 H/T, 2 MMG, 1lx .50" HMG teams

1 platoon: 3x 57mm M1 A/T guns, 3x M3 H/T, 1x Jeep

1 Support Company: CHQ: 1x M3 H/T, 1 rifle sqd, 1x Jeep

1 battery: 3x M21, 1x M3 H/T
1 platoon: 3x M3 H/T, 3x .50" HMG, 6x MMG teams
1 platoon: 3x M7 Priest, 2x M3 H/T
1 platoon: 1x M3 H/T, 5x Jeep/.50"

Divisional Recce Squadron (Battalion)

SHQ (Bttn HQ): 3x M8 Greyhound, 3x M3 H/T, 3 rifle sqds, 2x Jeeps
3 Troops@ THQ (CHQ): 3x M8 Greyhound, 3x Jeep/.50"

3 platoons@ 3x M8 Greyhound, 6x Jeep/.50", 1x Carbine sqd, 3x 60mm mortars

1 Troop: THQ: 2x M5A1 Stuart

3 platoons@ 5x M5A1 Stuart

1 Support Troop: THQ: 1x M3 H/T, 1x Jeep

4 platoons@ 2x M8 HMC Stuart, 1x M3 H/T

2. Brigade Support

Combat Command HQ: 3x M3 H/T, 1x lorry, 3 Carbine sqds, 3x Jeeps, 3x M5A1 Stuart, Air Liaison team

3. Divisional Support Up to:

3 Armored Engineer Companies@

CHQ: 2x M3 H/T, 2x rifle sqds, 2 bazooka

3 platoons @ 4x M3 H/T, 4x rifle/engineer sqds, 4 bazooka, 2 BAR, demo charges

3 Artillery Battalions @

BHQ: 2x M3 H/T, 2x Carbine sqds, 6 OP teams in Jeeps or M4A3 OP

3 batteries@ 6x M7 Priest, 1x M3 H/T

Non Organic Units attached. 1 AA Battalion and 1 Tank Destroyer Battalion

AA Battalion 

Attached 48 vehicles

12 AA platoons@ 4x M16 or M15 or M19

Tank Destroyer Battalion 

36 Tank destroyers

3 Tank Destroyer Companies @

CHQ; 2x M3 H/T, 2x Jeeps, 2(8 man) rifle sqds, 2 bazooka

3 platoons @ 4x M10 or M18 or M36, 2x M20, 1x Carbine sqd, 2 bazooka.

1 Tank Destroyer Recce Company: CHQ: 2x M3 H/T, 2x Jeeps

3 platoons@ 2x M8 Greyhounds, 5x Jeep/.50", 2(8 man), Carbine sqds, 2x 60mm mortars, 2 bazooka

4. Notes

a) Tanks are : June 1944: M4A3, 8% chance of being M4A3E2 Jumbo Sept 1944: 1 platoon in 3 OR 2 tanks per platoon can be M4A3(76mm), 08% chance of being M4A3E2(76mm). Jan 1945: all can be M4A3E8, with 11% chance of being M26 Pershing.
b) The division has 3 armored battalions and 3 armored infantry battalions shared between 3 Combat command HQs.
c) Note in service dates: M24 Chaffee (Oct '44); M4A3(76mm)(Sept'44); M4A3E2 Jumbo (Jun'44); M36 (Oct'44); M19(Jan'45);