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About the 4th Armored Dvision 37th Tank Battalion

We are a virtual tank company based upon the US 4th Armored Division's 37th Tank Battalion.  Our tank of choice is the versatile Sherman M4 series MBT.  The Sherman workhorse of the US and Commonwealth Armies proved to be one of the most successful tanks ever manufactured. The purpose of the 4th Armored is to provide an informative forum for discussing and playing Panzer Elite our Sim of choice.

Maj. Patton has prepared a  field manual describing some issues about the 4th ranking system, awards and general info on the unit.

4th Armored Division

Field Manual

Introduction: This is the official Field Manual for the 4th Armored Division, 37th Tank Battalion Panzer Elite Club. The following are the official rules governing the club.

 Section 1: The 4th Armored Division Field manual will govern the club, these are the official rules. These Rules may only be superseded by that of the Commander of the battalion.

Section 2: Ranking System

A.     All will start out as a corporal (Tank Commander) and will be placed in a platoon.

B.     Platoon’s will be commanded by at least a 2nd Lieutenant. Platoon commander can hold the maximum rank of Captain only.

C.     As per the growth of this club other platoons will open, forcing the opening of other platoons and Companies as per growth.

D.     Companies will be commanded by members that hold at least the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Company Commander can hold the maximum rank of Major.

E.      Official ranking system

F.      Promotions can be given by commanders and must be approved by the Battalion commander. People may promote only up to one rank below them.

G.     There can only be one Colonel at any one time and he is always the Battalion commander.

H.     Battalion commander may have a Aide.

Section 3: Tanks

As a member of this club you will be taking the role as a tank commander in a platoon. You will therefore be able to name and choose your tank according to the period.

Section 4: Panzer Elite is the main platform of this club. (we are not supported by Wing’s Simulations)

A.     As per the growth of this club there will be considerations to implement other games representing infantry and other WWII simulations.

B.     There will be tournaments and ladders making it possible for members to earn promotions and medals.

C.     Activity is the key it does not have to be just playing Panzer Elite. Fiction (battle stories, AAR’s etc), Art creation, Expanding the info on our site about the 4th Armored and WW2 armor tactics and equipment and the like are all encouraged for earning medals and promotions.

 Section 5: Medals

A.     Medals will be awarded for the description below.

1.      Medals and description

Medal of Honor Medal of Honor: This medal will be awarded only by the Battalion Commander. This medal will be awarded for continued excellence in the battalion.  This is the highest award that a member can possibly achieve and can wear it proudly at all times.  

Distinguished Service Cross Distinguished Service Cross: Awarded by Battalion CO. or XO to officers for continued advancement and excellence in serving the battalion both on and off the battlefield.

Distinguished Service Medal Distinguished Service Medal: Awarded by Battalion CO. or XO to NCO's for continued advancement and excellence in serving the battalion both on and off the battlefield.

Silver Star Silver Star: This medal is awarded for excellence on the field of battle. This award will be given to those that win competitions or show consistent excellence on the battlefield.

Bronze Star Bronze Star: This is the basic merit award given where a promotion is not in due order but a definite award is. This medal can be given by Platoon commanders.

Purple Heart Purple Heart: This medal is given for excellence on the field that is not as exemplary for a Silver Star.

European Theatre ETO Medal: This is given for members who have served in the club for over a period of time and shown great promise to the club.

Army Commendation Medal Army commendation Ribbon: This award is given for recruiting new members for the club.

Section 6: Identification

A.     All members will end all mails with there “Dog Tag’s”

B.      Dog Tag’s (or Tag’s) will show rank, unit, and medals of the member. This should be on all emails thru the club.

C.     Example

             BCA-Major Matt “Patton”-HQ Platoon-M4A1(76)w “Patton’s Best”


            BCA: Battalion Commander Aide

            Major Matt “Patton”: Name and Rank

            HQ Platoon: Unit

            M4A1(76)w: Name and type of tank you command

            [MOH][BSx2]: Types and number of medals earned by the member

 Section 7: Positions in the Battalion

A.     The official positions in the battalion and there minimum and maximum rank that you can hold are listed below.

1.      Battalion Commander: This rank can be held by only one person at any one time. The rank of the Battalion commander is always a Full Colonel.

2.      Battalion Executive Officer: This is the second in command of the battalion. His rank is that of Major or Lieutenant Colonel.

3.      Battalion Quartermaster: This position is the Third in command. The Quartermaster will be in charge of the battalion roster and helping on the webpage. His rank will be at least 1st Lt. and maximum Major.

4.      Company Commander: This is held as commander of the companies of this battalion. The company commander will hold the rank of maximum Major and minimum of Captain.

5.      Company Executive officer: This is company and second command to the Company commander. His rank will be at least 1st Lieutenant and maximum captain.

6.      Platoon Commander: This is commander of the platoons of a company. His rank will be at maximum Captain and minimum 2nd Lieutenant.

7.      Platoon Executive officer: this is platoon 2nd in command. He will hold the rank of Master Sergeant and minimum of Staff Seargent.

8.      Tank Commander: This is the standard member. They can hold the rank of Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant. They cannot move past this level until they move positions.

9.      Recruit: This is the lowest on the totem pole. These are members who have not passed the test of the Platoon Sergeant. Upon recommendation of the platoon Sergeant you will be promoted to Tank Commander and Corporal.

Section 8: Platoon Sergeant Training

1.      This will consist of  a online fight against the Platoon Sergeant. If the recruit passes this test, he is promoted to tank commander and is given the right to name his tank that he will lead into battle.

2.      The training will consist of a online fight and a submission of a AAR and a brief history of your persona.

 These are the Rules that govern the procedures of the 4th Armored Division 37th Tank battalion. These rules were written by Matt “Patton”. This is a non political club, and is meant for the enjoyment of WWII Simulation games. There is meant no offense to the brave men of the Second World War or that of the 4th Armored division. I would also like to personally thank all that served in uniform during those turbulent times.

 Matt Patton

 Major Matt Patton 4AD37TBHQ