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Armor Tactics

Since armor first reared its head on the battlefield one thing has not changed armor is a breakthrough weapon combining mobility, armor protection and firepower,  lightning warfare. The proper use of tactics will keep you and your crew alive to fight another day. Panzer Elite allows for the first time the virtual simming community to use real world tactics. Simply put if you don not utilize tactics you will be killed.

At SimHQ Col. Sabot has produced a series of articles on armor warfare utilizing Panzer Elite.  Below you will find the Col. series enjoy them, read them, live them.

NEW** Optimizing Panzer Elite for Multiplayer.

NEW**Mastering Gunnery In Panzer Elite. Panzer Elite requires learning a whole new system for hitting your more laser rangefinders and no fire control computers.  In this article, Col. Sabot provides step-by-step lessons to putting your rounds in PE down range and on target.

Tanking 101:  World War Two Tank Platoon Survival - Chapters 1 and 2:  Offensive Operations "By The Book"  - This article, the first in a series, focuses on taking a tank platoon on the offensive in a battle situation through planning and execution.  Based on the US Army Field Manual 17-15. 

Tanking 101:  World War Two Tank Platoon Survival - Chapter 3: Offensive Operations According To Col. Sabot - This article expands on his "by the book" chapter, and explains in his own words how he interprets the US Army's Field Manual into gameplay, using Panzer Elite as an example.

Tanking 101:  World War Two Tank Platoon Survival - Chapter 4: Defensive Operations - This article covers the fine art of defensive warfare in tanks, using Panzer Elite as an example.