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Attention all 4th Armored tankers a massive campaign is about to start next week. "Load AP, fill your fuel tanks and smoke em if you got em" This is going to be a bloody one for the Axis men.

Dates of Battle.

Jan 27/2000 Date of battle announced for Agrigento Jan 29th 7:00pm EST in Kali.  This campaign will feature limited resources where the 4th AD will field 3 tanks for every member of our current posted roster and these resources will be divided by all members 4AD playing. This engagement will be a battle with wings and no spawns once killed you restart from your new victory point totally fluid.  Equipment will consist of M4A1's and attached M10 TD's from our TD Battalion. All members who can be available for this unique persistent campaign contact HQ at 4ADHQ.

1) Respawns: No respawns for the sessions

2) Deaths: If the Lead tank dies you don't loose the whole Plt just that one tank from your TO&E force pool so lets say you have 84 overall then its down to 83 so on and so forth. A more detailed explanation will follow.

3) Unit Force Pool: as soon as you get the TO&E we will set up the admin table as discussed it will be M4a1s and the remaining will be M10 wolverines

4) Positions on map: This will be handled by us placing 10 spawn positions for each side this way there is the unknown variable to where you will be on the map. Positions will move according to where you left off in your prior game session so if you moved 2000m closer/farther of the vic obj town, that's where you will be on your next run.(dont worry we will handle the admin on this, just ask your guys to give us good intel on where they were when it finished)

5) AI: All AI enabled for this session AI gunnery AI spotting just as before.

6) MODS: this seems to be still up in the air I am not clear as to if you want to use them or not as for KH i know Clay wants to use Stock PE.

Current plan is for the campaign to begin on Saturday, 1/29/2000.  Further information about which other evenings and times will be announced as available.  Updates will be posted to this website.

The Battle of Agrigento Allied forces (4AD,KH and other mixed units) versus KvH. This is an excitng new realistic fluid battle fought over several days.

The following is a summary of how the week long campaign will go. The Map to be used is the Agrigento map of PE. using Rev3 modification included in this message. All unit Order Of Battles attending this online battle scenario must be submitted to KgVH administrative personel for administrative purposes, so that all Force resources can be calculated and a Resource chart can be distributed to all units involved in this scenario.

Agrigento Rev3 To view map click Campaign Map

The Campaign Map is divided into Grids of 1000m Sq.then divided into 2 Sectors a Northern and Southern sector designated by the Blue horizontal line on Agrigento Map Rev3. The Sectors will be further divided by a red vertical line designating the FEBA for the engagement. Within each Sector KgVH will deploy 2 Abt. or in the case of the northern sector 1 Abt. and 1 HQ Kompanie and will face the Following American units in the following parameters . The Northern Sector will comprise of I Abt. KgVH and Hq Kompanie KgVH and will be facing 4AD. The Southern Sector will consist of II Abt. and Pz Abt. Europa and will be facing KH forces. This is for the duration of the week long campaign.

The Battle Plan.

The Agrigento campaign will be played out in Phases. This was the best way of achieving a fluid battlefield feel with the current format of PE. The first phase will be a meeting engagement phase. This phase will focus on capturing the Neutral Vic. Objs which are marked off on the map by a Black circle. The victor of this phase will determine who is going to be on the defensive for the next phase of engagement. The next phase will take place after the overall previous phase' victory tallys are taken. A detailed explanation of victory parameters follows this section. Phases will continue through out the week until all Vic Obj (designated by Red Circles) are taken by either the Axis forces or the Allies or a Units Force pool is reduced beyond battle worthiness.

Victory Parameters.

Victory is determined by who holds the objective within the designated 1 hour time limit or until the enemy withdraws from the field due to excessive battle losses. Combat parameters are in this format. All battles will be conducted with 2v2 scenarios AI spotting and AI gunnery will be enabled. Overall Victory is obtained by either Axis or allied forces have obtained all victory locations or are forced to withdraw from Agrigento due to unrecoverable loss of force pool (no more tanks).

The Force Pool.

The force pool is determined by either a Historic variable or calculating it by taking the existing roster and multiplying it by 3.

This is what we have been waiting for men contact a large scale fluid battle. I will post the start date soon men on on our web site.  Email me back men I would like to field as large a force as we can muster. Cya in the field men!

Col. Waycool