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A Message from Col. Sabot on PE and Kali:

I am finishing some training on how to run our new Kali server.
Coming Soon....PE fight nights on the SimHQ Kali Server
In a few weeks, I will start "Panzer Elite Fight Nights" on our brand new Kali server!
Since PE's MP still needs a lot of work to make it an honest MP game, I will hold off any real contest until the MP issues are fixed.

But, to keep up the interest of tanking online, I do want to move forward with idea of giving the tankers of the world what we want. A place to call home. A place to meet other tankers.

I am really impressed with how fast the 'squad' sites sprung up! All of them are top notch to boot!

Brings a tear to my eye! For I watched many good fansites die on the vine when SSi really fouled up the patching of PzC. Time kills fansites. That is a fact.

So, I don't want to waste time on developing a place for us tankers to meet and play.

Why did we choose Kali?
Many of us have already purchased the once in our lifetime membership ($20)years ago.

We have played many different games on Kali.

I myself played PzC in its early days on Kali. Kali was the only place that we could get 6 players into PzC!

I know that many of you have doubts on giving up $20. I am no sales person for Kali,
but if you come by and check it out, you will SEE how cool Kali really is!

Here are just a few reasons to visit and use our new server:

1. Central place to meet.

2. Private Chat Rooms for your squad members.

3. Great place to hold tournies and ladders.
-Since each squad can have its own room, it allows easy monitor of tournies. As you all know, tournies in these free live chat rooms are just real confusing! Here on our server, you can keep the two sides (Axis and Allies) seperated in different rooms. Then the monitor can jump room to room gathering tankers into another room (ready room). Where final details can be spelled out between just the 4 players and the monitor! Our server will cut down on all the wasted time on organizing the matches, thus keeping tankers happy! Thus, they will return for your next tournie on SimHQ's Kali Server!

4. Many little gimicks that comes with Kali! Like free updates forever!

5. I found PE to run the best on Kali! Better then any IP game to date!

6. You can see other's "Ping" rates.

I am sure there are tons more, but I am tired. It is late now. So, if you are interested in checking out Kali, please do so ASAP!  You can get a free trial run on kali. It last only 15 minutes before you have to relog in.

NOTE: You can NOT play a game of PE to my knowledge with the trial. I can be wrong, but I am sure many of you will test it!

Keep in mind my overall goal:  To forward my favorite genre....ARMOR SIMULATION!

If you have any suggestion on how to improve the overall fun factor of online playing of PE, PLEASE post your ideas.

I want to have top notch fun for all, without much hassle!So, keep posted for our "PE Fight Nights".CYA on the SimHQ Kali server! (#61)

TANKS!!! Col. Sabot

Notes on optimizing multiplayer IP play for Panzer Elite

1. Confirm every player is at 56k or better.

2. Fastest machine should be host.  If any players are faster then 56k have them be default host ie. ISDN, Cable or DSL connects. If none of these are available any 56k can host quit successfully.

3. Do not change default range (alt f1 alt f2 alt f3) view in MP as this may cause lockups or lag. As well all machines should run same default view range.

4. 4 player max. we have tested extensively more then 4 player on the net results in problems.  Down the road we may be able  to support more players.  I for one would love to see 8 human players in an MP game.

5. Confirm same patch versions are installed as well as DirectX 6.1 or 7 are also installed on all machines current patch is 1.07 final.

6. Above all have fun help new players get a feel for the PE experience.  Panzer Elite is the best tank sim available.

AP up range 300 meters Fire!!!

Have fun! Waycool