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4th Armored Order of Battle

The 4th Armored was organized and equipped along the lines of the U.S. Light Armored Division 1943 OB. The key combat structure was the Combat Command a dynamic and flexible brigade sized unit of which the 4th possessed  3.   Combat Commands A , B and R combined Armor, Infantry and Artillery as well as various support services into an cohesive fighting force.  Combat Commands consisted of 1 Tank battalion, 1 Armored Infantry battalion and one Artillery battalion. The organic order of battle of the division is organized on the triangle configuration i.e. 3 Tank Battalions with 3 medium tank companies and 3 platoons in each company as were the other units. These units were not ad hoc established  in times of dire as were the kampfgruppe but organized and structured in the divisions official order of battle.  Attached to the Light Armored Division's TO&E were a Tank Destroyer Battalion and an AAA Battalion providing further firepower. The U.S. Armored Division was indeed an effective mobile fighting force fully motorized and capable of exploiting the war of movement that faced the world in the 1940's.

Table of Organization and Equipment US Armored Division (Combat units) 1944-45

1944-45 European Theatre of Operations

    HQ 4th Armored Division

  • Combat Command "A"

  • Combat Command "B"

  • Combat Command "R"
    Tank Battalions

    • 8th Tank Battalion

    • 35th Tank Battalion

    • 37th Tank Battalion

    Infantry Battalions

    • 10th Armored Infantry Battalion

    • 51st Armored Infantry Battalion

    • 53rd Armored Infantry Battalion

  • Divisional Artillery

    • 22nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion

    • 66th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

    • 94th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

  • Divisional Troops

    • 144th Armored Signals Company

    • 25th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized)

    • 24th Armored Engineer Battalion

    • 4th Armored Medical Battalion

    • 126th Armored Ordnance Battalion

    • Divisional Admin Troops

  • Attached 704th Tank Destroyer Battalion