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4th Armored Division

4th Armored Division site

4th Armored Division Re-enactments Assoc.

4th Armored Site Bigonville

Brother Sim Units:

Screaming Eagles WWII GI Multiplayer Homepage

Panzer Elite Players Clubs:

Wolf Brigade US and German Companies Norway based.

Kelly's Heroes Those crazy gold lovers are back for more bounty and tank kills. Catching some  rays eating some cheese and drinking some wine.

Kampfgruppe von Hess The German kampfgruppe

1st  Armored Group US tankers 

s.Pz.Abt 100  Heavy Tank Battalion from Germany

2nd SS Panzer Division More of those elite boot clicking sharply dressed tankers.

750th Armor Division Allied Tankers US

GrossDeutschland German tankers 13th company from Germany

Panzer Division Lehr 2/130th The Elite Panzer Lehr Division

25th PzRegt

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