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Kali & MultiPlayer FAQ,  Panzer Elite Updates and Net Tools

A message from Col. Sabot about Kali and PE 

Download Kali here

Kali Setup Guide & Notes 

Winsock 2.0 file for Kali users with WIN95 this file is needed dl'd here.

Optimizing PE for Multiplayer

SIMHQ Review and Multiplayer Setup Guide this excellent article by Col. Sabot Armor editor gives you the low down on Panzer Elite with tips on setting up a tcp/ip multiplayer game of PE.

PE updates and Fix Links:

Net Tools for making your multiplayer net experience run smooth:


Patch 107 online Wings Simulations

This patch 107 resolves many issues found, crashes in game and changes 3d control center to give the user more configuration abilities for their soundcards. It also adds some features:

Download Sites (2.5 MB):

If you already downloaded this patch but want to upgrade to get the boresight mode back download those smaller files (950Kb):

This patch works for all language versions! Dieser patch geht auch für die Deutsche Version!

Installation instructions (READ!):

Download from either of the links and double click the patch. It will install itself into your installation folder after prompting you. If successfully installed the main menu shows version 107 final. The patch updates the readme file so make sure you read it (patch info is on last page). If you want to know in advance what we changed you can grab the readme here.

Net Tools: Grab your gear men!

This following tools are useful for making your sim experience more enjoyable.

ICQ versatile chat and message software package free.

Roger Wilco Voice communication while playing Panzer Elite via the net free.

Kali Multplayer chat and launching program for many games and sims.  Free trial one time fee of $20.00 USD. Worth the purchase*****