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Stars & Stripes

News of the 4th Armored Division

Welcome to the news of the 4th whether in the field or back at the base the latest goings on are reported here!

If you are aware of SIM or PE related news or site info, as well as  4th armor info email the C.O. or X.O at . Drop us a line we'd love to hear from the troops!

Feb 6/2000 battle of Agrigento has been cancelled in its existing format Kampfgruppe Von Hess has been experiencing some logistical as well as victory problems. Stay tuned they are revising the fluid format.

Feb5/2000 Correction round 2 Monday Feb 7th 8pm EST kali server. See you there. 

Feb 4/2000 round 2 of the battle of Agrigento rages on on the 4 and 5th of Feb at the Kali PE server at 7:00pm EST join up men pop into Kali and the 4th Op room on the Kali server. Thanks to all who showed up on the first night good fun for all.

Jan 31/2000 The Battle is on men !!gear up!! A 200 strong force of Tanks from the 4th is ready to battle in Sicily.  Training in kali Jan 31 and Feb 1, the battle rages Feb 2nd /2000 7pm EST for further details  the Battle of Agrigento.

Jan 30/2000 Agrigetno has been postponed men we are trying to fine tune some issues regarding Order of battle for the Axis forces more to come stay tuned.  Thanks to all the members of the 4AD that arrived we had a good time. See you soon..

Jan 28/2000 updated Battle of Agrigento page more details listed we will be fielding 84 tanks divided up by however many players participate in the battle. Force pool made up of 25% M10 TD's and 75% M4A1 Shermans.  See you in the field men!.

Jan 27/2000 Date of battle announced for Agrigento Jan 29th 7:00pm EST in Kali.  This campaign will feature limited resources where the 4th AD will field 3 tanks for every member of our current posted roster and these resources will be divided by all members 4AD playing. This engagement will be a battle with wings and no spawns once killed you restart from your new victory point totally fluid.  Equipment will consist of M4A1's and attached M10 TD's from our TD Battalion. All members who can be available for this unique persistent campaign contact HQ at 4ADHQ.

Jan 25/2000 Current plan is for the campaign of Agrigento to begin on Saturday, 1/29/2000.  Further information about which other evenings and times will be announced as available.  Updates will be posted to this website.

Jan 24/2000 Posted full details of THE Battle Of Agrigento including battle map .  More to come men sign up and let's show the Reich what Allied Tankers can do!

Dec 24/99 Merry Christmas all thanks for making the 4th one of the best Online PE units.  More fun coming up stay tuned.  Road to Glory is starting soon as well as Murdocks battles enagement with Kampfgruppe Von Hess as well.  Have a safe Holidays and a Happy new Years.

Dec 20/99 Added the first armor mod by Col. Sabot Firefly as well as a new camo scheme to our PE files link.  Check it out the 17pdr is sweet :)

Dec 19th/99 added 37th Tank battalion photos and plates link.

Dec 17/99 Posted a new armor link Tanks of WW2 tanks in our related links page. Very nice link lots of 4 view drawings one of the webs best. Added some new PE companies as well.

Dec 11/99 Promos out men. Good job to all enlisted and NCO's  who have actively participated with the 4th Men.  Good work to all the officers of the 4th as well for making the 4th Armored the premier Allied online unit. Apparent link problem on the sound file by Killuh email me directly should you wish it sent to you .

Dec 10/99 Added PE files and addons link check out our first file on the site by Killuh! an awesome soundpack highly recommended!

Dec8/99 Added a getting started with Kali and PE guide.  This is the down and dirty guide to get you up and running PE with Kali fast and effectively.Further MP and Kali info here at the MP FAQ and Kali guide.

Dec 6/99  Posted a message to all regarding kali and the benefits in our message board re: 5 player gaming read Ronin's after action report and download Kali head to the 4th Chat room at SIM HQ chat server 61 we have our own room called 4th. Also have started creating a new menu option Kali & MP Faq and links. work in progress more to come.

Dec4/99 We have been extensively testing kali and PE and fine tuning.  Last night the testing went well with Sabot, Crazy Curt, BP of the new 101s,  Wolf,  LT Ron and myself. The advantages of Kali are worth the $20.00 lifetime reg fee kali works with hundreds of sims and games.  The ease of putting a game up is a very nice feature as well no more having to write down an IP's The process involves someone setting up a game and then alt+tab back to the chat room to tell them its ready and then the players select multiplay in PE and join game auto tcp/ip. Col. Sabot is creating rooms there for each company as well as Tounrey and Ladder rooms very nice work Sabot!, We will be conducting a tutorial for all members of the 4th and PE players on Kali soon check back for more details. Updated related links page. Grab the latest PE update for boresight correction here v1.071 final.

 Dec3/99 Good work to all who participated in SW of Furna tourney the results are up now check them out here.  Promotions to Sgt,  Ronin and Reichard. Decorations have been posted for the tourney results posted so far further award updates coming once all results are in for those in toruney check the roster. Dedicated kali server for PE is up thanks go to Col. Sabot for those not having Kali it may be downloaded here. Posted a message from Col. Sabot introducing Kali and the benefits and upcoming touneys on PE and Kali.  Thanks to all in the 4th who have made it one of the best PE companies.

Dec1/99 Wow Xmas almost here.  All had excellent fun in the latest tourney  SW of Furna put on by sim-corner and our own Sgt. make that Staff Sgt. Murdock results link to follow soon.  Congrats on the promotion job well done for the PE community.

Nov 27/99 Wings has posted the final 1.07 patch grab it here 1.07 PE Final.  What does 1.07 fix read it here.  Read Wings message board and post experiences to further improve product.

Nov 26 /99 Happy Thanksgiving men!  Word has come down the pipe that awards have been issued. Job well done!  Keep up the good work, active participation and comraderie. (Service participation builds the 4th into the best PE company) Updated our about link with rank insignia and award ribbons (Thanks to Major Patton for the ribbons)

Nov 25/99  Updated Intro to Order of Battle

Nov 24/99  Added TO&E of US Armored Division 1944-45

Nov 22/99 Promotion to SGT. AzWrangler 1st Platoon. Other events coming up soon watch hear for details.

Nov20/99 One of the 4th's own members has lost a member of their family after fighting  Parkinson's. Our deepest sympathies go out to Cpl. Bismarck (James).

Nov19/99 Panzer Elite review at SIMHQ check it out. Another Panzer Elite review at CombatSim. Wings has released  the 1.07a patch however there appears to be a problem with the physics of movement now US tanks cannot climb hills and an apparent reverse problem for German tanks.  Continue to use the 1.07 non public patch until this gets sorted out.

Nov18th/99 New Scenario for tournament posted at SimCorner. To review details on the 99 Battle of Furna check out the link for details. This event is open to all Panzer Elite players both company and non-company members may join in on the exciting multiplayer action. Also updated Roster with rank graphics. More to come.

Nov17th/99  The Toum results page has been posted on Murdocks Site.  Good job by all .

Nov.16th/99 The 4th now fields 19 men.  That' s 95 tanks in action including wingmen :)  A significant fighting force great job to all in the 4th.  The TOUM Tourney was a blast Thanks Sgt. Murdock, good fun for all.. Promotion to SGT. meritorious advancement of  PE inter activity.  More tourneys to come. Promotion to Sgt. fatherof4 meritorious posting on various forums fostering PE help.   Congrats fatherof4 (aka Glenn)

Nov. 15th/99  platoon commander appointment Lt. Bull. congrats Bull. The 4th is fielding a full company HQ section and 3 Platoons greets to all more exciting things to come.  Notes on optimizing multiplayer.

Nov14th/99  The 4th Armored has been helping to test non-public patch for Panzer Elite v 1.07.  Official patch from PE is beta 1.06 still.

Nov12th/99 Two platoon commander appointments Lt. Cushmann and Lt. Ron. Watch for up coming details on training and tactics.

Nov11th/99 Remembrance Veterans Day.  posted poem written by Col. Waycool honoring the memory of those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Nov10th/99 Attention men of the 4th. Our Signals unit has issued us new radios and best of all they are free.  Get Roger Wilco it adds heaps to PE,  cuts down typing during an MP engagement in PE. RW is perfect for inter-company comms during battles ie directing in a 2 vs 2 battle your team mate.

Nov 9th/99 added excellent link to armor tactics page Col. Sabot's Article on PE gunnery This will help all Sherman gunners read it, learn it, live it!

Nov 8th/99 there is a SIM TOUM battle coming up the 15th sign up at sim-corner for some good fun & experience. Some of 4th is already onboard. Let's show em what esprit de corps is all about men.

Nov 8th/99  Revised Front page graphic with a new improved main page.  Looks good If I do say so myself :)

Nov 5th/99 Recruitment of quality members start

Nov 4th/99  Chat room up and getting lots of use by the PE community

Nov 3rd/99  4th Armored goes live. Establishing our web presence currently under improvement